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i made some stuff check the other pages its awesome This page is hosted for free at Neocities, where you can use their somewhat clunky online code editor to update your site. Github Pages would be another option, here is a repository to start with. like a normal person.

i already forgot how to properly put links so just copy and paste them to your browser if they dont work for some reason

my most famous and successful game, roach farm.

a fighting game that i abandoned development

nothing to see here

i dont know what to put here

My photo gallery

images :3

the other furry me, made by awesome tide waters

more images coming soon

DO NOT ASK WHERE THE OTHER IMAGES WENT THEY WERE BAD (most of them) ill post the new ones soon

am i a furry? no not yet

you'll have to wait until next month

at minimum
until then

im not a furry

This page is not referenced in the menu, for example.

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